Monday, December 24, 2012

The End Of 2012

Well Christmas is at hand, and I am already making my own personal goals for the up coming year of 2013. One of my goals is a double effort with my cookbooks and here.....I know it sounds weird, but every evening I will be finding a main recipe whether it be a main part of the meal, vegetables, starches, a breakfast item and so on, copying it into my recipe book, then putting it here on blogger. I think once I get started with posting it, (maybe a week or two) everyone will figure out what I am doing.......I hope. Its almost like the movie Julie and Julia, but one small recipe, instead of making everything from a cook book.......I also am planning on quiting smoking and giving up over half of my Dr Pepper and Coffee intake. With the money hopefully saved up from not smoking and the caffeine decrease I can start down another venture of working on my personal and physical appearance (clothes later included).

Here are some pics I have had taken at one of the portrait studios in the mall (wont mention JCP) just to prove that time is catching up with me and so is my outward look of myself.

With Vanda, a good friend of mine at Thanksgiving at her place.

I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday season, I know I am with what I have.....and who knows I just might kick start this thing off early......