Sunday, September 9, 2012

Now that the big event is over

Now that the San Antonio Pagan Pride Day event is over for the time being most of (if not all of us staffers) us, we can relax for the time being until the headache starts again...................I'm guessing sometime in January.....hint hint for those on the staff that are reading this.........I was also informed that we could be changing locations to a larger place next beans, maybe I could be inside with the kids instead of outside fighting the afternoon heat with only me, myself and I.  I did have a good time all in all. Made a few "Chinese Dragon Drums" with a few kids, along with painting and coloring. I left early due to my roommate taking me out to dinner and the place closed like @ 8. Since I have pretty much left over crafts from the event, I really can't keep them at the house due to other issues, so I have to get rid of most of the stuff and keep what I can.

Now that its a new day, hahaha, I can get what I need done on a personal note; like laundry, cleaning the house...........I know that is all Sunday chores but since Sunday is supposed to be a "day of rest" I don't like doing anything on Sundays except enjoying myself doing something I like will be doing that anyway.......I have found a few recipes here on line that I will be making today in between other daily stuff that I DON"T wanna do...........

Irish Cream Brownies

Irish Soda Bread   since it makes two loafs, probably will use the 2nd loaf for the Fall Equinox since it is this coming Friday and last but not least

Irish Beef Stew

I just noticed that I went on an Irish cooking kick............hehehe to funny, since I am a small part Irish.....I would have posted the recipes but my computer says its too early for anything fancy..........and its only that's why the linking of the recipes. If you try them let me know how they come out, and I will definitely post my findings......