Friday, August 17, 2012

All Over The 'Net (getting tired)

Days Of The Week Comments

I have looked around the www lately and it seems like I have been all over the place since I have been back up and on the 'net. So I started doing my own little "investigation" on why I was at the site(s), and if it was just to look something up, it got took over two hours to do. So I just did the "old history delete" thing. Now I just have a bunch of email addresses that I have to go back through and start deleting them one by one..........and end with the "social" sites that I am on. Don't worry I will be updating the ones I am going to keep, and delete the ones that really don't have a purpose for me anymore..........MYSPACE will be kept and in "limbo" status as usual and updated once a week minimum. Facebook will get overhauled, for I would like to make it like a cook's page and such..............people from both FB and MS will be dropped like flies............AND ITS NOTHING PERSONAL to anyone.........for I luv ya all but am just coming around to where I want the pages to be and look like............who knows, might even delete both accounts and start over again with both.

CooksCommon, PaganSpace, and BLOGGER will be my three main social sites now to socialize on

I hope no one is (or gets mad at)mad at me for this.