Sunday, January 6, 2013

Another Grove Skipped

But ya know still here............haha.........

Okay so nothing much has really happened since like Friday. Yesterday, my boss texted me like around 7 - 730 am...........did I hear the phone go off..........nope!!!!! When I got up and checked my phone it was going on 10 ish and I still needed to do my laundry and wasn't gonna wait until today to do it.... My poor room mate Phil.....has to do double duty at his store down the street and close another on the other side of town.....all cause one cashier thought the owner was out to fire him.....what an "iggit'

Made some Pasta Carbonara for dinner tonight.......came out alright even if its not what I am used too. One can find it on the Pampered Chef web site. Well I also did work on my cook's  portfolio  today. Tomorrow I go find out how much a book is price wise and sign up for a class in mid March (another thing to add to the portfolio). Then I have an idea of how much to put aside for the whole package for this class I wanna take even if it is only a week long.......the class itself is only $350. Hope its worth it......but its another certification I can live and get somewhere with after the class is over.

Pretty soon I will be joining the social life on Twitter, really haven't decided yet......but am working on it.