Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Merry 2013

Dark Gothic Witchy New Year Comments

Happy New Year to all my friends who read this, and to those who don't (lol). I hope that everyone's holidays were as great as to be expected. My holidays were uneventful for what it was.

Well today, I pretty much cleaned up the house, rearranged my room, did the grocery shopping with my room mate Phil (Santa, to those who know him, hehe), watched CAPTAIN AMERICA (boring!!! zzzzzzz), made SMORE'S the not so smart way (stove top/gas), started up my supplement regiment once again (lets see how far that goes) as a personal goal to see if I can go to the end of the year with it as a health goal not a New Year's resolution

There are a few goals I do plan on accomplishing this year; one of them is actually doing this blog of mine for the entire year, and I do have one request from those who do end up reading/following this......make sure I  do one post if you have too, flood my "facebook" page if you have too with reminders, thanks in advance from me....

Second goal on a personal level is that; cutting back on my Dr Pepper/Coffee intake by half...and replacing it with good ol' H2O. Whats gonna hurt is that I have an unlimited supply of Dr Pepper at work. What would even be better, is to see the "extra weight" come off once the soda is replaced.  Now as for giving up the cigarettes is an entirely another story....especially working with an OCD paranoid boss, but still love her though for who she is, even though she did tell me about it when she hired me.

Third goal is start back on my spiritual pathway since I have pretty much put it on the back burner for the past two years or so. Seem pretty "lost" without the "company" of everyone from the different realms. Might even put a few new "twists" to it as well.

Major goal this year is that of getting my licence...........yeah I don't drive, never have; except in the military, but time to start on that small hurtle.

Well, I will end for now and be back tomorrow night for another post.